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Great Places To Live In LA

South Bay
Perhaps one of the most under-rated areas in all of Los Angeles is on the rise! Towns such as Redondo, Hermosa, Torrance and Hawthorne - to name a few - are booming with interest and sales and is one of the best places in LA to buy an affordable home, with great weather and near to lots of great outdoor activities.
West Side of LA
Santa Monica & Venice - perhaps two of the most widely known beach towns in the world! The west side of Los Angeles is one of the best places in the world to live in - and to have people come to visit you. Ride your bike along the beach, shop along the Promenade or work out on Muscle Beach. From Santa Monica down to the Marina and Playa Del Rey, there's tons of options in these towns for you to find your dream home!
Pacific Palisades
The Pacific Palisades is a hidden gem inside the city of LA. More well known to locals than outsiders, this area - situated between the iconic Malibu and famed Brentwood towns - is upscale, serene and secluded. Minutes away from the PCH and the beach, spend your days off relaxing in your luxurious home or taking walks on the nearby trails. If you're looking to be in the city of Los Angeles, but not 'be in the city' - Pacific Palisades is the place for you!
The Valley
You've most definitely heard of the Valley... but have you ever realized how wonderful it is to live there? The valley is home to a great deal of Angelenos because of its charm, affordability and sense of community. From 'the square' - which is made up of the 101, 405, route 27 and route 118 - out towards North Hollywood, The [San Fernando] Valley incorporates and borders some of the most beautiful towns that LA has to offer you!

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THANK YOU for everything. When you said that your mission is not to just SELL HOMES, but rather to CHANGE LIVES, you weren't lying about that. You didn't come in all Zoot-Suited out, with some false veneers, throwing out a soggy handshake bathed in cheap cologne... You came in professionally, and felt us out and kicked off your shoes while rolling up your sleeves. You understood our age, our needs and our wants and you carried through always knowing those categories. You spoke to us professionally, but also like a friend. You have the Midas touch (sort of). I gotta say that ever house you touch gets turned to SOLD. Thank you for lending your hand in turning the sale of our house to GOLD/SOLD!!!!!!! 

- Kathleen R.
Kathleen R.

Evan was extremely professional, quick at responding, and pleasant to be around. We checked multiple places throughout Santa Monica, and even though we had no luck there, he did not give up. Shortly after he found the place I live in now. If I ever have to find another place to live, I will definitely be working with Evan, and I plan on recommending all of my friends to him.

- Zane M.
Zane M.

Hands down the best agent I have ever worked with! Evan is hardworking, caring and tuned into my needs at every turn. And his marketing plans to help me find my dream home are amazing! I've never seen anything work like this before.

- Wan-Yi S.
Wan-Yi S.
You’re expedient dedication to fulfilling our happiness, is far beyond any measurable words. Thank you for hitting us up and graciously entering our lives with peace, certainty, and integrity. Thank you again Evan!
- Chris C.
Chris C.

See all of my 5-star reviews on my Googe Business Page for "The Realtor Evan" and Zillow Profile under "Evan Rosenblum".

- The Realtor Evan
The Realtor Evan

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